Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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It’s crucial that your site is visible within the search engines, if you don’t rank naturally for your key terms then no matter how great your product or service is, no one will know. SEO can be frustrating for clients, being at the mercy of Google the effect of changes in rankings can have significant effects on your business. SEO, when done right however can also provide you with a huge amount of exposure, traffic, leads and sales. Love it or hate it, in the digital world it simply cannot be ignored.

SEO is a key marketing channel and is widely recognised as one of the most cost effective and sustained routes to market.

Why do I need an expert SEO agency ¿

The landscape of natural search is constantly shifting. This is in part because Google (and other search engines!) are evolving their technologies to provide the best possible experience for their users. However, it is human nature to adapt to our environment and so the search behaviour of people changes in response to search engine evolution. Our new searching behaviours lead Google to adapt and so a highly complex system of positive and negative feedback loops are generated. It is this process which governs the relevancy of search results to search queries. Without expert analysis and consultation, you risk losing your search engine rankings in the shifting sands.

What’s important for SEO today ¿

Over time the focus of Google and other search engines has shifted away from links and toward high-quality content and other quality signals such as activity in the social networks. This isn’t to say that links to your site have no importance: links are like gold. However, just like gold links vary in quality and in the value attributed to them by Google. You’ll still want good quality links to ‘anchor’ your site in the web and support it in the search engine rankings – but you’ll need a great content strategy to complement this.

The Zeal approach to SEO

Zeal applies cutting-edge knowledge of search engine technology to ensure that your SEO strategy is as foolproof and future proof as possible. Through analysis of the usability and users’ experience of your website, our expert team can optimise your website not just for rankings, but for increased traffic, greater click-through rates and improved conversion rates. Our holistic approach to SEO guarantees you get the most from your website and ties in seamlessly with other marketing channels including your PPC, PR and social media campaigns.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
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